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Since 1977 SKYGERS Indonesia activity at height and rugged terrain for an adventure, competition and aid in steepness (vertical rescue and evacuation).

This experience colored the attitude of the perpetrators of such activities to differentiate firmer conception of personal safety and others, so that the basic criteria used as the main requirements for the competence to do so.

In one industry sector working at height safety method known as the method of prevention of falls and rope access (working at height with fall protection and rope access); alternative method which requires the existence of a safety rope and rope work (safety line and working line ) to obtain a balanced position, so both hands are free to work well although conditions still resting foot / stand or hung on the building.

For that SKYGERS Indonesia under PT. Verticality SKYGERS Indonesia into an institution for empowerment competence in the implementation of the Human Resources Working at Height K3 through decree No SKP. 129/DJPPK/PJK3/VIII/2011 dari PNK3 - Kemenakertrans R.I.