Training Adventure Climbing

Aims to provide a basic knowledge of natural rock climbing (adventure) is good, true, and safe to have the ability to A2 and natural rock climbing free climbing 5.9 minimum, thereby facilitating further development.

  1. introduction of equipment and supplies, how to use / installation and maintenance
  2. Climbing technique using the assistance of equipment (Aid / Artificial / Traditional Rock Climbing) several stages / multi-pitch
  3. Rope management at height(tie and how to remove it) and control node and a snare
  4. Rope up and down pursued
  5. Off load Techniques
  6. System follow understanding (top rope), belay (secure climbers) and the hanging belay (while hanging belay) and climbing communications (installation of moorings and the anticipation of falling pendulum)
  7. Stub line (runner installation / quick draw, rope connector, and the anticipation of fall)

Training Info