Aiming at improving the ability of natural rock climbing adventure A5 so good at (exploration and expeditions) natural cliff.

  1. practice and preparation techniques expedition
  2. Nutrition knowledge
  3. Engineering hauling and lowering goods
  4. Expedition management dry & wet climbing

Evacuation Terrain

Aims to provide knowledge evacuation natural rock terrain (adventure) is good, true, and safe, so it can be a reliable evakuator steep terrain.

  1. Introduction of equipment and supplies, how to use / installation and maintenance
  2. Altitude rope management(tie and how to remove it) and control node and a snare
  3. Rope up and down pursued
  4. Improvisation techniques and substitution system and natural rock climbing equipment (adventure)
  5. A, Z and M System
  6. Engineering hauling and lowering casualties


Aims to provide knowledge of natural rock climbing (adventure) is good and right, so it can develop into a variety of rock climbing circles.

  1. Natural rock climbing (adventure) history and insights
  2. Injury anticipation and P3K


Aims to provide knowledge of nature climbing training (adventure), so as to develop a rock climbing program through the School of Rock Climbing.

  1. Syllabus and curriculum knowledge
  2. Teaching method
  3. General psychology knowledge