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In general, since the beginning (1976), the founder SKYGERS have to climb, with a combination of techniques, free climbing (using security just to hold fall) and aid climbing (using a safety to add height at the same time withstand the fall).

But the starting point for the development of sport rock climbing in Indonesia started in 1988, after Affairs and the Embassy of France introduced an artificial climbing wall climbing courses through programs delivered by Patrick Berhauld, Cathrinne La Brunne & Jean Baptiste Triboute.

In addition to the establishment of the Federation of mountain and rock climbing Indonesia (FPGTI), the momentum as well as a distinct line of separation skills (free climbing evolved into sports) and risk management (aid climbing class VI which develops into an adventure) rock climbing.

Armed with a drill bit the rest of the Eiger expedition, some active alumnus SKYGERS started making tracks for free climbing exercise / practice in the region Karst cliffs Citatah & Parang Mountains.

Although the French team introduced Rap bolting techniques (free climbing on the track making its way down the natural rock climbing), but the alumni Skygers more happy to make the path by using a mix of free and aid climbing techniques.

It is based on the lack of equipment, climbing habit and a tendency to shoot skills (making lines difficult as possible but still be able to climb), so a lot of free climbing lanes have produced uncertain variations bolt distance, sometimes close (in accordance with standard safety point ) up too much (because of the difficulty pathways considered too easy for the author).

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